LibyanaNet, Will it beat LibyaMax ?

By May 13, 2009

libyananet libyana net LibyanaNet, Will it beat LibyaMax ?
Libyana Mobile Phone
cellular telecommunication company is advertising a new internet accesss technology called Libyananet, the speed as they declared will be 3.6, but the expected on client side is about 348kbps, 2 USB models available, personal and bussiness “With a small antenna”, the price said to be 150 with 15LYD per month, but this still not decided as an afficial price yet.
More information about “Libyana Net” will follow up.
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9 thoughts on “LibyanaNet, Will it beat LibyaMax ?

  1. Giaballa Dlemi

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  2. eihab

    libyana’s internet source is ltt .
    so logically it is same or less
    so don’t your hops up

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