How to add Wireless Capability To Wimax Lan Router

By | December 25, 2009

Our beloved reader Khadija asked and here we answer, Libyamax currently have 3 kinds of Wimax routers, 1 with wireless and that’s “EchoLife” and 2 Zyxle routers with 4 lan ports.
if got one of Zyxle ones then there is 2 options for you to get wireless:

  1. Go to LTT and get the EchoLife one for 220 LYD
  2. Buy a D-Link access point for 155 LYD, plug to the Wimax router and enjoy wireless which we will describe here.

You need to buy a d-link router, it’s so simple it have 1 lan port, 1 power input and an antenna, just plug in the Wimax Router and you’re done, you will have a¬†wireless¬†network called default.

If you want to secure it or change the wireless network name you need to configure it.
I wont go deep in that but follow the link.