Libya Satellite Internet [Report]

By | September 18, 2012

Satellite internet is common around the world but in Libya it was the rarest internet connection and the hardest to get for a person, specially if it’s a Two Way connection, the reason to that was the over caution of government, since they cannot filter satellite connections (two way connections).

the concept of satellite internet is not that complicated as it seems to be

Two-way satellite Internet service involves both sending and receiving data from a remote very-small-aperture terminal (VSAT) via satellite to a hub telecommunications port (teleport), which then relays data via the terrestrial Internet. The satellite dish at each location must be precisely pointed to avoid interference with other satellites. The two way satellite market can be divided into those systems that support professional applications, such as banking, retail etc. and those built to provide home or small business users with access.

The market of satellite internet is expending in Libya around major cities and also on the southern area where reaching the internet requires this technology, as private companies started to launch as re-sellers and technical support for foreign satellite companies LTT is being silent, no news about improvements, maintenance, sales or future which is pushing more consumers to use better, faster, always up, but of course more expansive internet services.

Satellite internet is cheaper, but when a company resell it to you, they will at least double the price of the device, triple the price of the monthly subscription fees,  and use you.

so unless they work honestly and offer affordable prices my advice is that you to search the internet for a satellite provider that covers north Africa area [ I can’t recommend any], and buy everything online by your self.

So here is the pros and cons of satellite internet in Libya:


  1. Lightning Fast [don’t buy cheap plans and tell me it’s not, sorry].
  2. Always connected [compared to Wimax a turtle handling a message is just fine so satellite is just perfect].
  3. unfiltered , freedom, nobody can cut you off the internet, you wont lose your important business for political games.
  4. it’s Satellite!! you can brag! which is an important element!!! [maybe not]
  1. Storms and rain can cut you off a little bit.
  2. Expansive [depends].
  3. Might get forbidden by government again.
  4. People don’t understand satellite internet yet, what is a one way, two way ? how do you calculate bandwidth? how can I pay? don’t worry it’s the same except you can deal with a re-seller or pay by credit card, even using a phone call and giving your info if you have no access at all.
I don’t know, suggestions? it’s my point of view the most important is yours so please comment 😉