Libya Wimax Experience LIBYAMAX

What a great little shiny USB dongle, first of all it sounds fast, when you plug it first time it becomes a storage device with drivers inside, you install them and it becomes a Wimax dongle instead, so no need for extra CD’s or anything, thanks Huawei it still the best dongle.
But so bad that I didn’t find any coverage near my work, hopefully there will be more antennas soon.
and by the way, external antennas are not included, I wonder where they sell them, I will make my own.
Don’t ask me how I got it, it’s not even mine, ask my boss.
img0015a Libya Wimax Experience LIBYAMAXlibyamax Libya Wimax Experience LIBYAMAX
Have a nice holiday.

 Libya Wimax Experience LIBYAMAX
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 Libya Wimax Experience LIBYAMAX

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7 thoughts on “Libya Wimax Experience LIBYAMAX

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  2. Munir

    Type in your comment…Can you please tell me where i can join this WIMAX service i need a place in Tripoly and thnx

  3. Tifah

    Hey!, i know what you mean , it sucks that you aint got coverage where you are but when you do get coverage you wont be impressed its EXTREMELY painfully slow . recently i got my self a ZTE usb wimax and it worked like a charm , was fast and smooth and i felt life couldn’t get any better then this lol then i decided to get a Huawei one and… sucked so bad i almost tossed it and be done with it . seriously i want my ZTE back!! :[ , oh yeah just so you know the technology used for the huawei was some Libyan company named “Al Sela” i threatened id go on a rampage there .___.

    Anyway Take care


    1. Abdel

      I bet ur a ZTE fan :)) … Man ,, throw this crap ., All Chinese companies sucks, but when it comes between Huawei and ZTE,, ofcourse Huawei is much better !

  4. Tifah

    Oh and interesting Blog you got here im seriously loving the stuff you blog about ;]


  5. Surfer

    WiMax Outdoor Antenna is now available in one company here in Libya, they offer try before you buy, i tried it and it works!!! hope it will for you
    Alwadi communications
    Tel: +218 (21) 7137097


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