Libyana Net Service Details and Prices

LibyanaNet Libyana Net Service Details and Prices
Soon Libyana Net will be available “In the end of this month as said by one of the engineers”, also we heard from
 resources that the price will be 150 LYD subscription fee, 10 LYD/Month for personal and 15 LYD for business, also the bandwith will be 10gb and 15gb.

Here some details from the company home page:

Libyana Net 

Our Libyana Net with speed up to 3.6 Mb/Sec, lets you connect to the web whether you’re in the garden, on the way to a meeting, or even on the beach. Just plug Libyana Net modem into your laptop or PC. 
You can choose one of the packages from the Libyana Net product (Personal or Business) according to the prices that are suitable for you. However, if you are one of the most users that use internet a lot, then you can choose Business package which contains much more quota than the personal package, but if your usage of the Internet is limited, then the Personal package will be suitable for you which is less expensive than the Business package. 

Libyana Net Package contents

  • Libyana Net modem.
  • Data SIM Card.

Features of Libyana net modem

  1. Wireless Internet connection.
  2. Highest-speed Internet connection up to 3.6 Mb/Sec.
  3. Contains software that can be installed in your laptop or PC which you will be able to do the following:
    • Recharge /Query your balance.
    • Edit SIM Card PIN.
    • Subscribe /query/cancel subscription to internet package.
  4. Suitable Prices for every one

Just Plug & Play 

Here is how you set up your Libyana Net modem: 

Insert the USIM/SIM. If you are using a Micro SD memory card with your modem (to allow your modem to behave as a flash memory drive), insert the card as shown, carefully noting the orientation in order to prevent damage. 

  1 Libyana Net Service Details and Prices 2 Libyana Net Service Details and Prices  



Insert the Libyana Net modem firmly into your computer’s USB port.  
  3 Libyana Net Service Details and Prices 4 Libyana Net Service Details and Prices  




 Libyana Net Service Details and Prices
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 Libyana Net Service Details and Prices

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16 thoughts on “Libyana Net Service Details and Prices

  1. libyan.ldn

    uh i can believe this
    but it’s just dream never become true
    with libyana don’t expect good things come
    remember 3G it’s expansive and not usefull
    and this price not real sure cause libyana
    every day show us how mush money more
    them think us just money not human ok !

  2. Wissam Idrissi Post author

    Someone told me they have a rule on the contract saying you can return your money if you don’t get at least 3 mb of speed, hope you are not right so we can enjoy this service.

  3. Abdel Eljaroshi

    Ok, this means that we are actually getting somewhere.
    There is competition going on, I know those operators whether LTT, Libyana, or Almadar have the same owner, but at least there a vast of choices to choose from.

  4. libyan.ldn

    hi i’am not say lee but look to history of libyana
    and you will know is big lee form libyana

  5. Tifah

    Now now, lets not be pessimistic :[

    i for one am excited about this however we are already having Crowd jams in evenings with the current Wimax , so its interesting to see whats in store for us. Its gonna be sooo popular that it’ll just explode.


  6. Immortal

    regardless of the prices..
    Hope I can beleave that number 3.6Mb/s !!

  7. bader

    It is believable, I’ve seen 7.2 Mbps 3g, or 4g internet in egypt. The only problem is that this internet will not be good for games, since 3g has a high latency/ping.

  8. Lee Gaved

    We use 3G all the time in the UK and have done for many years as we don’t have Wimax (4G) yet. Don’t expect miracles because the speed will drop massively if you are not close to the transmitter. Wimax is technically a better service but 3G should work indoors or when low signal, it will just be slower – 128kbs-768kbs.

    The best bit about 3G is it is just an upgrade from GPRS/Edge (2G/2.5G) and every phone transmitter can be upgraded easily, so where you have phone signal you should have a good internet connection **if they upgrade all the phone transmitters**

  9. Bob

    I can’t believe the details on the Libyana website are so sketchy.
    Its a pure scam! And Libyana customer Service is never available…Its so terrible!
    All the Chinese are doing is ripping off Libyans! Thanks to ZTE!Wait till world class GSM providers like Vodafone make inroads into Libya…then perhaps we can talk of 3g, even 2g!
    A Very Dissatisfied customer of Libyana!

  10. alison

    I purchased Libyana net just over a week ago, the 1G version as I was assured it would be suitble for my needs for chatting and emailing friends and family. It cost 330 LYD but has now gone off!
    Do I have a monthly allowance that has been used if so when doesit start again? I'm vey confused!
    I can't have used this much already. Can anybody give me advice as to how I can recharge or what to do?
    The option of recharging online isn't available to me.
    Any advice most appreciated.

    1. wissam Post author

      5- If I consumed all GBs that contained in the internet package of the current month, will the service discontinue?

      No, it won't. But the rate of consumed internet will be deducted with (0.05 LYD/1MB).

      6-Should I re-subscribe to the internet package every month?

      No, if there is enough balance in your account, the subscription will be renewed automatically.

      7-Can I use Libyana net in any place that is not covered by (Libyana 3G) network?

      Yes, you can use it but not with 3G speed (3.6 Mb/s).

  11. waheed

    i bought the libyana sim when i was in libya but now it can't work in nigeria and when you try other sims it does not accept please can anyone tell me how to make libyana net accept other sims

  12. bill

    i am have libyana net . it work this month and then it cut becouse i finish my month price. they need me to recharge to work again. so why u say it will be free . why u still lier. just tell truth plz

  13. Anwar hossain

    hi wissam, i am a Bangladeshi from benghazi. My name is Anwar. I am thinking about to bye a internet modem for commercial use and i prefer to bye libyna wimax. Where i can use with my other friends. My question is 1, which modem you will suggests me to bye. 2, how many friends will i subscribe that means how many mobile will connect to the admind. 3, last and most importantly how can i prevent / protect them from downloading. That means nobody can download anythig without my permission. Sorry for lot asking.


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