First Linux Day In Libya By FOSsiL

On 24 of January FOSsiL celebrated the first linux day in Libya, the day started at 9:30, Free software, free internet and lot conferences on the subject.

, more then 1300 guests came to try Ubuntu linux or simply to ask a few questions on their minds, we successfully managed to giveaway 900 Ubuntu CD including free software, showing users how to install it and use it and
guide them to the world of free software “Open Source“.
The next day will be held on Banghazi, I will keep you informed so stay on touch.

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Sponsers First Linux Day In Libya By FOSsiL

Graphic2 First Linux Day In Libya By FOSsiL

 First Linux Day In Libya By FOSsiL
Founder of TechnoLibya news magazine.
 First Linux Day In Libya By FOSsiL

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2 thoughts on “First Linux Day In Libya By FOSsiL

  1. Linux seeker

    Thanks guys for your effort at the Linux day. Although I was very impressed by your hard work, I was disappointed that the other Linux distros where not available such as Xubuntu or Linux Mint.
    I would be grateful if you could inform me where we could get the latest versions of these here in Tripoli (on CD), as downloading them is almost impossible due to the narrow internet bandwidth. Thank you.



  2. Mohamed Ayad

    Thank you wissam , really you did a great job in Linux day you and the other guys. Hope to see you soon
    @ Linux Seeker you can contact me and I can help you to get latest Linux Distro


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